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There are days I feel like a lone missionary, trudging through a wilderness of indifference with a simple message that will help people see the light, but nobody’s listening.  Yet every time I counsel a client or make a presentation about the relatively new field and philosophy of Career Development, I get such an enthusiastic response and such gratitude that I know I must persist.

You can love your job and be excited about your work.  That’s my message and I back it up with more than 18 years of experience in career development, over 20 years of counseling and youth work, my own re-careering experience from a crazy-making, roller-coaster job into satisfying work I love, and a box full of excited thank you notes from clients launched into careers they can’t wait to begin.

Besides identifying a passion, one also needs to know the resources and skills to achieve their career goal.  It might be education, training, an internship, paying one’s dues on the way up the ladder or just getting a foot in the door.  But more and more in this age of misinformation fueled by media ratings chases and political posturing, job seekers and career planners need good, reliable information to make good decisions – and they’re not getting it, especially on a consistent basis.

Employment is a field that has radically changed in just a few decades and continues to change so fast we can’t keep up. And very few people know the new rules. This blog is about providing useful information, insight about job and job search experiences, and revelation of those hidden secrets.

Patty Armstrong, GCDF, is a career counselor and educator living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She on a mission to help people of all ages find careers they enjoy. 


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